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If you're looking for a professional bookkeeping service then you've come to the right place. We provide a professional service and cater for small to medium sized businesses, including sole traders and businesses that do foreign trade.

Self Assessment Tax Return


Sparing you the headaches

Self-Assessment can be a time consuming and often confusing business for busy individuals. And judging by the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are penalized by the HMRC each year it can also be very costly if:

• Deadlines are missed

• Incorrect returns are delivered

• Appropriate records are not retained or presented

We aim to spare you all these headaches and free up your valuable time by offering a comprehensive Individual Self-Assessment service, including:

• Completing and filing your tax return on your behalf

• Advising you when various payments are due and how much to pay or reclaim

• Advising on appropriate record retention

• Calculating your tax liability

• Introducing you to any relevant tax saving ideas

All Fees are fixed in advance


STANDARD SERVICE from £100 - Most tax returns will fall into this category being relatively straightforward returns.

PREMIER SERVICE from £150 - For those with more complicated tax affairs.


Whether you are a contractor or a subcontractor, we can help you and your business comply with the complex CIS tax rules.

We understand the burden the scheme places upon contractors and subcontractors who just want to run their business. By appointing Account for it Ltd you will have the peace of mind that the paperwork is in hand.

We will save you time and hassle allowing you to run and grow your business. Below are just some of the tasks that we complete for our contractor and subcontractor clients

Annual Accounts



Corporation Tax

Every limited company that is based in the UK is subject to corporation tax on their profits.

You must calculate how much profit your company makes for each accounting period and how much corporation tax is payable on those profits.

This information must be reported to HMRC on a corporation tax return form and accounts and tax computations must be submitted to HMRC in support of the return.

There are strict penalties for filing late returns and interest is charged on tax paid late, so it is important that the deadlines, which are determined by your company's annual accounting date, are adhered to.

As part of our service we can:

  • Prepare your company accounts.

  • Prepare the company tax return (CT600).

  • Calculate the rate of corporation tax you are eligible to pay.

  • File your Company Tax Return.

  • Discuss with you methods in which to pay any Corporation Tax that is due. So that you pay the right amount of Corporation Tax on time.

  • Deal with all correspondence from the HMRC.


There are different deadlines for each of the HMRC’s requirements on Corporation Tax so it is very easy to miss one.  Strangely the filing deadlines for corporation tax are as follows:

  • 9 months and 1 day after your year end – payment of corporation tax is due

  • 12 months after your year end – your CT600 tax return is due to be filed

So your tax payment is actually due to be paid before your CT600 has to be filed.

If you pay your Corporation Tax early, you will receive interest, but if you miss the deadline then you must pay interest. 


Keeping you fully informed on essentials
The last thing you want in your business is to have valuable time and resources tied up with routine bookkeeping and accounting.
That's something we can do for you.
We begin by discussing your specific requirements with you and then we set up appropriate accounting procedures and controls and ensure your accounts are kept fully up-to-date and in compliance with statutory regulations.
But we don't stop there. We can also provide you with regular management accounts to keep you informed on essential areas such as:

• Cash-flow
• Profitability
• Performance ratios
• Customer activity
• Credit control
• Budget comparisons

VAT Returns


Relieving you of the burden.

VAT can be the bane of everyone affected by it. The complex regime of regulations imposes a tremendous administrative burden on businesses. With the rate being so high, mistakes in calculating VAT can be costly - and the rigid system of penalties and interest charges for mistakes and the late submission of returns adds to that burden.

My cost-effective VAT compliance can relieve you of this burden. We will help to keep your VAT affairs in order, make sure you are collecting the right amounts for each transaction, and ensure that you make payments and file returns correctly and on time. In addition to providing a comprehensive bookkeeping and VAT accounting service, we can also advise on and help with:

• The pros and cons of voluntary registration

• The timing of compulsory registration

• Extracting maximum benefit from the rules on de-registration

• Partial exemption

• Timing and delaying VAT payments

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